Enrolling a Child in School When You Are Not the Child's Custodial Parent

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My friend/family member wants to have his/her child live with me for awhile. Is there anything I need to do so that I can enroll the child in the school district where I live or get medical treatment for the child, if necessary?
There is a form the parent can fill out and sign to give you “Power of Attorney” so that the child can live with you, go to school in your school district and receive medical treatment if needed. (Download the Power of Attorney for Medical/School Decision Making form - PDF file, 155 KB.) However, if the parent wants the child to live with you ONLY so the child can go to the school in your district, you will probably not be able to enroll the child in your district for free. You may have to pay tuition for the child to attend school in your district.

How do I enroll the child in my district?
The child’s parent(s) should fill out the form called Power of Attorney for Medical/School Decision Making (PDF file, 155 KB). You will probably also need proof of your residence in the school district, a copy of the child's birth certificate, and the child's immunization records.

What if a child is living with me only so he can go to school in my district? How do I enroll that child?
You may not be able to enroll that child in your district. You will probably need to pay tuition for that child to attend in your district. Some schools have a limited number of spots for tuition students.

Reviewed August 2009