How To Save Money On Utilities

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Here are some Energy-Saving Tips on how to cut costs on utility bills.

Saving On Gas/Electric During Winter:

  • Wear a sweater or other layers inside if you are cold
  • Always wear a coat, hat, and gloves over your normal layers when you go outside
  • Try to cut down on the number of trips in and out of the unit so that the doors stay shut as often as possible
  • Do not carry on conversations with the door open
  • Close blinds/curtains at night to shut out as much cold air as possible
  • Open blinds/curtains during the day to let in the warm sunshine
  • Close off vents and doors to rooms that you do not use often
  • Cover your windows and unused doors to the outside with plastic (be sure to used an adhesive that will not damage your walls or trim)

Saving On Gas/Electric During Every Season:

  • Keep the thermostat turned to 68 degrees in the winter. If you have air-conditioning in the summer, keep the thermostat turned to 75-80 degrees.
  • Clean the lint and dust out of ventilation registers so that heat or air-conditioning has a clear path
  • Avoid opening windows whenever possible - turn the heat/air-conditioning down if you are too warm/cold rather than opening a window
  • When cooking in the oven, try to cook several things at once. Heating the oven up takes a lot of energy. The more things you can cook at once, the better
  • Make sure the oven door is closed tightly. If it is not, fix it (or call the landlord to make the repair)
  • Never use the oven for extra heat. It uses a lot of energy and should not be heated up in place of turning up the thermostat
  • Use a lid when cooking on the stove. Food cooks faster when it is covered.
  • If you have a drying machine, always clean the lint off of the dryer filter every time the load is changed. This way heat can get in easier and clothes will dry faster.
  • If you have access to the furnace, make sure there are no papers, cartons, or other trash stacked around it (or ask the landlord).
  • If you have access to the furnace, make sure the furnace filter is clean (or ask the landlord).
  • If you have access to the hot water tank, turn it on low when hot water is not needed. For example, when the washing machine is not running or you are going out of town.

Saving On Water:

  • Try to take showers instead of baths; this cuts down on the use of hot water
  • Fix all leaky faucets and running toilets (or call the landlord to make the repair)
  • Do not let water in the sink or shower run while you are shaving. Instead, fill the basin up with a little standing water.
  • Do not let water in the sink run while you are brushing your teeth
  • If you have a washing machine, always wait until there is a full load before starting.

Reviewed August 2009