Losing Public Housing

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How can I lose Public Housing?
  • Housing authorities can end your lease if:
    • you abuse alcohol or use illegal drugs, or
    • you break the law, or
    • you don't pay your rent on time, or
    • you don't keep your apartment clean, or
    • you disturb your neighbors, such as by playing music too loud, or
    • you don't pay your light or gas bill, and you lose your lights or gas service.
  • If someone living in your household does any of these things, the housing authority can end your lease.
  • If someone visiting you does any of these things while visiting you, the housing authority can end your lease.

What rights do I have if the Housing Authority wants to evict me?

  • The housing authority has to give you a written notice of lease termination that explains why it wants to evict you.
  • Most times, the housing authority must give you the right to ask for a hearing or conference.
    • You have a right to bring a lawyer to your hearing.
    • You have the right to ask the housing authority's witness questions.
    • You have the right to see any evidence against you.
    • You have the right to put on your own case.
  • If the housing authority says that you or another member of your household was involved in a crime that threatens the other tenants' health and safety, the housing authority does not have to give you a hearing.
  • Whether or not you get a hearing, you always have the right to defend yourself in Court.

Source: Alabama Legal Services Website

Reviewed August 2009