Veterans' Resources - Benefits Claims and Appeals

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A selection of resources on Benefits Claims and Appeals for Kentucky's veterans.

Benefits Availability

Video: VA Disability Benefits Overview


Federal and KY State benefits information [PDF]

Veterans’ benefits in KY

Federal benefits for veterans, dependents, and survivors [PDF]

A-Z benefit information index

VA benefits fact sheets

KY Veterans’ benefits representatives

Compensation and benefits handbook [PDF]

Compensation and benefits for seriously ill and injured members of the armed forces [PDF]

Disability compensation benefits [.doc]

Application for compensation or pension [PDF]

Compensation benefits rate tables

Veterans disability pension

Special monthly compensation for serious disabilities [.doc]

VA "Presumptive" disability benefits for certain classes of veterans [.doc]

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) [.doc]

Federal taxes on veterans’ disability or military retirement pensions

Disability compensation for sexual or personal trauma [.doc]

Disability benefits for wounded warriors

Benefits delivery at discharge [.doc]

Vietnam Veterans of America self-help guide to service connected disabilities as a result of Agent Orange exposure [PDF]

Compensation for eligible surviving spouses

Filing a Claim

Overview of the VA claims process

Understanding the VA disability claims process

A guided interview to help veterans applying for pension or disability benefits

Appealing a Denied Claim

Understanding the appeals process [PDF]

The appeals process overview

The appeals process glossary

How do I appeal? Step by step instructions [PDF]

A copy of Form 9 [PDF], which is required to file an appeal

Tips for filing a Notice of Disagreement

Appealing a Board of Veterans Appeals Decision

How to file an appeal with the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Rule 4, which explains the filing requirements

Searchable database of veterans decisions since 1992

Social Security Benefits

Disability benefits for wounded veterans

The basics of Social Security disability benefits

Resource for the visually impaired

Social Security benefits for certain WWII veterans

Application for WWII veterans’ benefits [PDF]

Military service and Social Security benefits

Appeal form [PDF]

Benefits for Reservists and National Guard

Benefits for Reserve and National Guard [.doc]

A summary of VA benefits for Reserve and National Guard personnel

Reviewed June 2010