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You understand and agree that the Legal Aid Network of Kentucky and the pro bono attorney

  • cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer your question or assist you in anyway
  • will keep any information that you provide on this service confidential, except as may be required to be shared with our funders
  • are entering into a limited attorney-client relationship to provide only legal advice and counsel
  • are only assisting you with the legal matter about which you asked a question
  • will not be going to court with you on this matter
  • may decide they are no longer providing you with any follow up advice and close your question
  • do not make any guarantees regarding the outcome of your case
  • will not charge you for this legal work
  • will provide services without discriminating on any basis prohibited by law
  • may end this agreement at any time if you cannot be located, become financially ineligible, fail to cooperate or respond; or if this service loses its funding, determines that representing you would create a conflict of interest, or for other good cause

You understand and agree that

  • when completing the new user registration that you will answer each question accurately and to best of your knowledge.
  • when asking a legal question you will provide sufficient facts and information
  • you have not hired or been appointed an attorney in the legal matter about which you have a question
  • you are not incarcerated
  • if any of your information changes from when you first register, you must promptly send an email with the new information to
  • you are permitted to ask three questions per year
  • you have a right to file a grievance if you are dissatisfied with the eligibility determination or the service you receive
  • you have read and understand the grievance procedure provided here.
  • you may end this agreement at any time
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