Guide to Medicare Part D: Is There a Deadline To Enroll For Part D Coverage?

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This page is part of our Guide to Medicare Part D.

Yes. If you are not yet eligible for Medicare, when you become eligible, you will also be able to enroll for Part D coverage at that time.

The annual enrollment period is from November 15 - December 31.

CAUTION: If you don't enroll when you are first eligible to do so, you will pay a substantial premium penalty when you later enroll.

Late Enrollment Penalty is added to your Part D premium (for as long as you have Medicare drug coverage) if all of the following are true.

  • You don't join a drug plan when you are first eligible.
  • You don't have other creditable prescription drug coverage.
  • You later decide to join a Medicare drug plan.

Reviewed August 2009

This online guide was adapted with permission from Maine Legal Services for the Elderly. We extend our thanks to them.