Renewing your Lease

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If you want to RENEW your lease:

Usually your landlord will ask you ahead of time if you want to renew your lease. If not, at least one month prior to the end date, you should contact your landlord and discuss renewing the lease with him/her.

  • If you tell your landlord you want to renew, then your landlord will expect you to sign a new lease.

  • Make sure you check over the new lease in case there are unexpected changes.

  • The landlord may not want you to sign a new lease immediately. Ask him/her to write a note stating that your tenancy is to continue or send him/her a letter immediately, stating the terms of the oral agreement. The landlord is under no legal obligation to renew your lease. If you have a written agreement you will be legally secure to renew the lease.

  • If you tell your landlord you don't want to renew, then the landlord will probably begin showing your apartment to new prospective tenants as soon as possible.

  • If you change your mind later, the landlord is under no obligation to let you renew the lease.

Reviewed August 2009